It’s Time for a New Cream of the Crop — Meet RifRaf

Brace yourselves for delicious — meet the world’s first snackable ricotta! There hasn’t been a shake-up in the dairy snack aisle, since the rise of Greek yogurt. It’s time for the next big thing according to CIO and Co-Founder of RifRaf, Will Hickox.

Tell us about your Company

Rifraf Ricotta Cups are single serve ricotta cheese snacks with sweet and savory mix-ins, perfect for breakfast, lunch, or an afternoon pick-me-up. Our creamy, whole milk cheese is served alongside chef-driven pairings like strawberry balsamic, serrano honey, and sun-dried tomato. Every ounce is all natural, non-GMO, and made with grass-fed milk. We are the first single-serve Ricotta cup made for snacking.

How did your company get started?

Our company started when David Eisenman, our CEO, was making lasagna one night. While making the lasagna David started snacking on the ricotta right out of the container when the lightbulb went off. He immediately spoke to Chris Sojka, his business partner, and his chef/friend, William Hickox.

After months of trial and error perfecting the perfect texture and flavor pairings, Rifraf was launched in Whole Foods.

Describe your current stage

Since our January launch in the Whole Foods in and around New York City we have expanded into 175 retailer locations from Connecticut to Virginia and as far west as Ohio. We can be found in Whole Foods, Fairway, Kings, Balducci and many other smaller retailers in the North-East and Mid-Atlantic regions.

What made you interested in joining the DFA Accelerator?

As an expert in the dairy space, DFA offers many insights and connections in the entirety of the Dairy market that we hope to capture.

What are your goals in being part of this program?

We are hoping to gain specific insights into retail sales and distribution strategy as well as advice in dairy manufacturing efficiencies. In addition to helping us out in these areas, we also hope to connect with financial partners that would be able to provide expertise in addition to financing.

What has been your biggest takeaway or benefit from the program so far?

Advice on alternative sales and distribution strategies to our current model that also help us maintain a higher margin.

What has been the most exciting/fun/hilarious moment of the program so far?

Watching Healthy Cow explain and demo their product.

What is your advice for entrepreneurs?

Although we are a diverse group of companies it has been extremely beneficial to be in a tight group of like-minded entrepreneurs to bounce ideas back and forth.




About the author: Doug Dresslaer

Director of Innovation, Dairy Farmers of America