Too Cool Chix: There’s Magic in the Middle

Our final feature of the 2018 class is a SWEET one!  All natural and delicious, Too Cool Chix is changing how consumers look at ice cream products!

Tell us about Too Cool Chix!

Imagine an ice cream sandwich created with all natural ingredients that contains less sugar and sodium but still has intense flavors that shine through.

I am a mom who knows that real food matters. Together with my co-founder, Michele Elmer, a dessert artisan and pastry chef who trained at the Culinary Institute of America, we have brought back nostalgia in Too Cool Chix ice cream sandwiches. Too Cool Chix creates delicious all natural ice cream sandwiches. We aim to be the first nationwide brand featuring ice cream sandwiches free of stabilizing gums and artificial ingredients.

I remember as a child hand churning the best tasting homemade ice cream, and we’ve brought this taste back in our very own sammies!

Our customers tell us that our ice cream sandwiches are the best they have EVER tasted.

Our sammies are layered with soft cookies and the creamiest ice cream. We use simple ingredients, milk, eggs, sugar, butter, and cream at the highest of standards. Our premium ingredients include Non-GMO milk free of hormones and pesticides, Non-GMO cage free eggs, Non-GMO fair-trade and soy lecitin free dark chocolate, Non-GMO peanut butter, organic vanilla, organic lavender and organic lemon zest, cane sugar; and no corn syrup. Our recipes have brought real food back to the ice cream aisle.

Customer flavor favorites include our lemon and lavender combo, the Beauty Bar. The flavors are light, bright and beautiful. The organic lavender we use has transformed the way people think about lavender ice cream! The striking color and sophisticated flavor of our lavender ice cream are created with natural plant ingredients.

Another customer favorite is a chocolate lover’s fantasy, I Dream in Chocolate. Rich and indulgent small batch dark chocolate ice cream is paired with our decadent chocolate cookie.  It’s the ultimate ice cream experience.

Currently, Too Cool Chix is sold in stores throughout New York City, we recently spread our wings to stores in Connecticut, and we’re also available in an online store. We also just launched in Whole Foods in the New York area! Too Cool Chix is expanding into a nationwide brand for ice cream lovers of all ages.

How did you decide to create the sammies?

Michelle Elmer is my co-founder and a trained pastry chef. She and I worked together in prior life: we met in 2003 when she was a personal chef and I (Sharon) was a personal assistant. We had always talked about going into business together, and our ideas revolved around food. We dabbled, but nothing came to fruition, and eventually Michelle moved away.

But then she called me a few years ago and said she would ship me some ice cream sandwiches she’d made. I brought them to a New Year’s Eve party, and then to other families, children, and parents in my community. (I have a ten year old daughter.) People started ordering our Sammies for parties, bar mitzvahs, cocktail parties, etc.

Over the first year, we did a lot of R&D, popup markets (over thirty last summer alone!) We’ve really honed in on market and customer preferences. Our first run was last summer, and we started selling to stores in July. Now, we’re in over twenty stores!


Want to taste a Tool Cool Chix sammie?  Come to our 2018 Demo Day on June 5th at the WW1 Museum Theater.  Register here !

About the author: Doug Dresslaer

Director of Innovation, Dairy Farmers of America