Seniors Living Independently Thanks to Sofihub

In this week’s company spotlight, we introduce you to Sofihub.  This monitoring system can help the seniors in your life live independently using cutting-edge technology.


Tell us about Sofihub! How does it work?

Sofihub is a passive monitoring solution that employs Artificial Intelligence and sensor technology to observe and then learn what characterizes “normal” behavior for specific seniors as they move about their homes.

Because Sofi learns what is normal, she can turn that upside down and know when anomalies occur — for example, if there is no movement in a room where the senior is typically active throughout the day. This process is done without our senior needing to press any buttons or interact with the technology at all! If an anomaly occurs, Sofi speaks to the senior and asks if everything is okay. If the senior doesn’t respond, we raise the alert immediately to a family member or caregiver.

This technology allows our seniors to “age in place.”

Sofihub gives our seniors their independence — and gives their families peace of mind.

Can you tell us a little more about how Sofihub was developed?

We are working with seniors and their children to empower our aged population to age in place. We work with a university in Australia called Deakin, and they have conducted several years of research about the elderly. They developed Sofihub based on their findings. One of our founders encountered Deakin as [he?] was working in another role, fell in love with the concept, and then Sofihub was launched!

What were some of your goals in coming to the Corporate Accelerator?

I’m working to roll out the Sofihub technology in the United States. We’ve found it challenging to market or sell to the seniors living alone, and Sprint does an outstanding job reaching the children of the seniors. We would like to partner with Sprint to reach that market. In addition, as I grow the Sofihub team and product in the States, I would love to learn from some of the pitfalls startups tend to face and be able to navigate around those successfully.

What has been your biggest takeaway or benefit from the program so far?

We’ve had some exciting developments with DFA and will hopefully know more after Tuesday. So far, the program has had a significant impact on our business model, providing insight to the market approach. I’ve also met some great businesses that will support us as we grow in the States. For instance, Useagility will be able to help us write our install manual, and I’ve had several mentoring sessions that have really opened my eyes to the future. I feel really well-equipped with a roadmap for the challenges ahead…most importantly, how to pivot!


About the author: Doug Dresslaer

Director of Innovation, Dairy Farmers of America