The Mentor Network Founder Feature – Roy Scott

Welcome to October and another installment of the Founder Feature Series for the 5th Cohort of The Mentor Network! In this series, we chat with our founders to learn more about them as individuals, as well as their entrepreneurial journeys.  They have some great wisdom and experience to share with the rest of the community!

Today we’re chatting with Roy Scott, CEO at H3 Enterprises!  H3 Enterprises is an EdTech company that specializes in creating and marketing content and programming for early childhood learning.  Roy says, “With a focus on education and health & wellness, our innovative online programming carries a mission to empower young audiences to make positive changes to their everyday lives.”  Roy has been making waves all over the KC startup ecosystem, having participated in the Kauffman FastTrac program and was part of the 5th cohort of ScaleUP! Kansas City.  Previously, Roy was a Digital Sandbox recipient and a Pipeline Fellow, and just this year, he is part of the recent cohort of The Lean Lab Incubator Fellowship, as well as a $50,000 grant winner of the LaunchKC competition!  So let’s hear more from Roy about just what brought him to this point and how he’s moving forward with this momentum.

What did you do before you were the Founder of your startup?

I was in Insurance Sales at Blue KC.

Why this startup?  A.k.a. what is your ‘why’?

Healthy Hip Hop was inspired by my love of music as kid growing up in the streets of Kansas City. I gave up my college education and basketball career to become a rapper. As a street Hip Hop artist, my music promoted violence, drugs and degrading women. I had my ah-ha moment when I was picking up my then 4-year old son Justus from school and caught him repeating my music in the back seat of my vehicle. This was my lightbulb moment to give up this form of music and it inspired me to create a positive alternative, Healthy Hip Hop. Since then we have been organically growing the brand and using our original H3 music as a learning tool to impact young lives across the globe.

What was your first milestone/win that let you know that you were on the right track to build this business?

The first year of business we performed over 250 live events, this gave us confirmation that we were on to something special.

Why did The Mentor Network stand out to you as a positive program to be involved with?

I believe your net worth is just as important as your network. Connecting with the right people to gain knowledge, constructive criticism and direction is critical to growing a successful venture. Having a mentor network does more than just build businesses, it builds friendships.

What have your big wins been so far within The Mentor Network?

Our big win was connecting with Kris Kappel, an IP and contract attorney for Husch Blackwell. She has made great connections for us and helped immensely in regards to protecting our IP.

How do you maintain sanity in this crazy, insane startup world?

I spend time with family, workout and do more work! I am living my passion and dream.  This journey has been extremely challenging and fulfilling!

KC has so many resources and people to help entrepreneurs.  What are we still missing?  What gaps do you think we need to fill?

I think the gap we need to fill is funding for startups that are under $500K in revenue. There are a lot of great startups that are in these smaller stages that have great potential to grow with the right resources and capital.

Regarding the KC startup ecosystem, what has been your favorite service/resource that you would like to share with other founders to take advantage of?

The Kauffman FastTrac program was extremely helpful to the direction of H3. It goes in depth on each phase of your business, brings in professional help and educates you on the multitude of resourses available here in KC. I would definitely recommend it!

If you could go back to the day you started this journey and give yourself one piece of advice what would it be?

Work smarter, fail faster, pivot quicker!

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