Connecting Dairy Data – Meet My Dairy Dashboard!



This week we sat down with Renee Smith, Director of Marketing to learn more about My Dairy Dashboard!

My Dairy Dashboard connects data to simplify dairy decisions through a visual dashboard of aggregated herd, feed, milk, and weather data.

What does that mean?
My Dairy Dashboard is a cloud-based dashboard solution that provides visualizations of connected data from a variety of platforms, from onsite, PC-based herd and feed management systems, to co-op/processor systems used to track milk production, to weather data sources. My Dairy Dashboard is a secure platform where dairy producers and their advisors can view trends on an individual dairy or compare their data to benchmark across other herds. The Dashboard makes insights on nutrition, production, and financials available. With My Dairy Dashboard, gone are the days of moving data around using clunky methods like thumb drives, Dropbox folders, or TeamViewer access. My Dairy Dashboard is simply, real-time data at your fingertips.

What is the problem you all are solving?
Dairies have all kinds of data across systems that don’t communicate with one another. We are solving the data integration challenge in dairy — and helping farmers make better decisions based on collective data!

How was My Dairy Dashboard created?
Virtus Nutrition was originally interested in tracking dairy trends as part of a larger effort to support the sale of their omega fatty acid product line, so customers could more clearly see the impact on their bottom line.  This led Matt Swanson, owner of Virtus Nutrition, to enlist as a joint venture partner in developing My Dairy Dashboard and the intricate data connectors needed to automate the process of dairy data aggregation. is a tremendous partner with their 17 years of knowledge and a proven track record in building software for the milk processing industry.

My Dairy Dashboard was formed to build a product for dairy producers and their advisors, along with companies just like Virtus Nutrition, who rely on accurate views of dairy data to measure success.  Visualized and connected data is the most valuable part of our work for those dairy producers, and the My Dairy Dashboard team brings software development skills and knowledge of the industry — combined with deep understanding of individual dairy producers and their needs.

What were you initially hoping to get out of the program?

We came into the accelerator program excited to be around others in the startup community. The mentoring, guidance, and questioning about what we are doing is important for helping us end up with a better product and a better company. We were also looking forward to forming a corporate partnership with Dairy Farmers of America. We wanted to be working hand in hand with DFA to bring My Dairy Dashboard to dairy producers, and their knowledge and connectedness to the dairy industry has helped us do that better than we ever imagined.

What have been the benefits of the program thus far?
We’ve spent a lot of time working with DFA! My Dairy Dashboard has the power to embed our charts and features into other company portals, as well as white label for custom dashboard solutions.  Through working with DFA, we better understand how we can provide their producers with a great user experience as we better visualize the data they are collecting.

We’ve also been excited about the great workshops here at the Accelerator which have highlighted the key areas we are working on — for example, the user interface of our onboarding process. These workshops have enabled great conversations across our team.

We’ve been so happy to welcome the My Dairy Dashboard team to the Sprint Accelerator Class of 2017. Earlier this week, they announced their official formation as a joint venture between Virtus Nutrition and!  Congratulations, My Dairy Dashboard team!

About the author: Jessie Jacob