Successful Start!

We are two weeks in and already amazed by all of the projects this cohort has tackled right out of the gate. We sat down with a few of the teams to get their take on their progress so far.

“It’s great to be here in person!” says Renee Smith, Director of Marketing at MyDairyDashboard. “We’ve had a chance to get in front of the Dairy Farmers of America team — spending time with them to better understand their needs and how our tech can help their members. It’s very exciting!”

Centiment’s CEO, Micah Brown, also mentions the benefits of the program partnerships by being on-site. “We are already signing an agreement with Pinsight Media after having only been here for a week. This type of agreement would’ve taken months, but that process has been streamlined since we are physically in Kansas City,” Brown says.

Michael Chow, Founder and CEO of DART Technologies, tells us, “We’ve really experienced a warm welcome from the KC entrepreneurial community.” DART is already partnering with Pinsight, uniting around mobile data. “Pinsight has really helped us to sharpen our thinking to create a more relevant, contextual experience for passengers of connected vehicles in transit,” says Chow.

After two weeks, we’re proud to see so many of our companies well on their way to launching pilot programs and official partnerships with our corporate sponsors. Stay tuned as we continue to update you on their growth.

Congratulations to the 2017 Cohort on a strong start, and come meet the companies in person during our community event on May 10th! Look for details coming soon!

About the author: Emily Hicks

Emily is a Program Assistant for the Sprint Accelerator's 2018 Corporate Accelerator.