For the Love of Entrepreneurship!

There are many people and organizations in KC working to help entrepreneurs. We’re lucky to join forces with many of them to bring you great content and programs to help your company grow.

So why do they do it? Well, we asked and here is what they said:

I love working with entrepreneurs because I get to watch people create their own dreams. So many people come to KCSourceLink with phenomenal ideas and we can work with them from concept through rollout and success. It is amazing to see the transformation entrepreneurship allows people to make for their lives and others around them.

– Jenny Miller, Network Builder, KCSourceLink

Of all the things I’ve been lucky enough to do in my professional life, Digital Sandbox has been the most rewarding.  Being able to help people move forward with  their startup dreams is so energizing.  We have so many bright, talented, hard working entrepreneurs and people who support them in Kansas City.  My role at Digital Sandbox has allowed me to meet  wonderful people that I may never have crossed paths with and in some small way I hope I’ve helped make their lives a little better.

– Jeff Shackelford, Executive Director, Digital Sandbox 

I love working with startups—their optimism and ingenuity are contagious. Meeting with a new entrepreneur always leaves me inspired, and when you’re surrounded by such a big group of interesting, passionate people, it’s easy to love what you do.

– Melissa Roberts, VP of Communications & Outreach, Enterprise Center in Johnson County

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