It’s a Brand New Year!

2016 is a wrap. As we welcome in the New Year, we asked a few of our members what they are looking forward to in 2017 and here’s what they said:


As an entrepreneur, I am excited about 2017, especially considering the space we are in, AI for Enterprise Process Automation. I look forward to scaling up our sales, releasing some of our latest and greatest products, and providing exceptional experience to our customers. If we do this, the rest will follow naturally. 🙂

– Vijay Nadadur, Cofounder & CEO, Stride


What I’d love to see in 2017 is the continued growth of programs that foster relationships in the Tech and startup communities. I want to see more growth and alignment between mentors, innovation and funding. Partnerships like Digital Sandbox + Pinsight Rollout are phenomenal opportunities and I’ve personally seen the impact on startup companies like FEWDM and Did You Know  It gave founders an edge they wouldn’t normally have with incredible opportunities to grow and scale.  Programs that represent grants and/or investment without taking on equity or ownership are powerful to startups when they don’t have to take on debt to create software platforms or mobile apps.

I’d love to see programs like SCORE come more into the fold to empower founders with mentors.  Mentors help founders develop a solid foundation for the future companies they envision. The ability to connect with retired business mentors from specific industries, who are committed to excellence and helping is so valuable, but it’s truly underutilized in our current ecosystem.

– Milton Jeffrey, Director of Account Services, Black Ops Development


2017 is the year of growth. It’s time to build my team, scale my company, and expand my personal network in KC and beyond. I’m thrilled to be a member of the Sprint Accelerator community. It’s important to be part of a supportive entrepreneurial ecosystem.

– Jennifer Rosenblatt, Cofounder & CEO, MusicSpoke

About the author: Ari DeGrote